Match Grips for Pistols in Standard Sizes 80, 85, 90, 95, 100mm

- fixed palmrest
- with finger grooves
- different sizes

The most important link between the shooter and his/her weapon is the grip. You will know when the optimal fit is achieved when the gun fits in your hand just like a glove and there is no readjustment of hand placement after every shot. We have decades of experience, both at the range and in the shop, and Wilfried Nill and his employees know exactly what it takes to optimize the relationship between the hand and the grip of a gun. Anatomical and technical factors must be taken into account so that a standard pistol will become a unique weapon. By providing the outline of your hand, we can determine if the standard grip size (80 - 100 mm) is the correct grip size for you. In addition, we will produce grips in the intermediate to extra large hand sizes.