Special Grips for Revolvers

- symmetrical
- with finger grooves
- round butt grip
- open grip back
- with thumb rest
- with small fixed palmrest
- with additional concavely shaped rest for the little finger
- reproduction of original design - extented special grips

These grips are outside of the normal grips that we offer and have been developed to meet the requirements of special shooting disciplines. Experienced shooters have won many National and International titles with our grips. As the pictures indicate, we take great pride in the aesthetics of our grips. There is no thumb rest area for those competitions that require left, right and two-handed shooting. These grips are anatomically symmetrical and are available in stippled walnut and also in walnut with Rhomlas®. Do not compromise your shooting experience with inferior grips. Unpleasant pressure points are a thing of the past. Improved handling comfort provides better end results.