Shipping & Returns

Shipping to Switzerland:

Standard shipping 14,00 EUR

Shipping to Austria und Liechtenstein:

Standard shipping 10,00 EUR

Shipping to France, Monaco, Great Britain:

Standard shipping 14,00 EUR

Shipping to Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Hungary:

Standard shipping 17,00 EUR

Shipping to Portugal, Spain:

Standard shipping 21,00 EUR

Shipping to Norway:

Standard shipping 35,00 EUR

Shipping to Greece, Ireland:

Standard shipping 35,00 EUR

Shipping to Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Island:

Standard shipping 35,00 EUR

Shipping to Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia:

Standard shipping 27,00 EUR

Shipping to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia:

Standard shipping 32,00 EUR

Shipping to all other countries which are enabled in this shop:

Standard shipping 35,00 EUR